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Professional editing

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Photo Session FAQ

What kind of images do I receive?

High-quality JPEG (Online gallery of images that can be downloaded and printed up to 24"x36").

Many professional photographers shoot in RAW (unprocessed, "digital negative") format, convert to TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), edit, then convert to JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group). JPEGs are compressed images. Most clients only need the JPEG version of the image, which is suitable for prints up to 24"x36". Anything larger may require a TIFF image. Most TIFF file sizes are about 50,000 Kb, compared to 10,000 Kb for a JPEG. JPEG images are provided for the standard photo shoot. You can always order a USB that includes the much larger TIFF images. These large files are suitable for prints as large as 30" x 40".


Do you give us all of the images you make?

Part of the photographers' job is to capture the scene, based on composition, lighting, emotion and many other items running around in our heads at the time. Our job in the "editing room" is to decide, as a professional photographer, which images showcase or represent the type of work we would be proud to show to you. Some, of course, don't make "the cut". The shutter button on the camera is pressed, but the image is not complete until after the three-stage editing process. This is one of the reasons most professional photographers do not offer their "RAW" or unedited images.


In our three-stage editing process, first, we "cull" through the images on the camera and delete out images that didn't turn out as envisioned, images that are of poor quality or aren't at our standard level. Second, we look at all of the images and decide if we have several of the same type, keeping the best quality image. Finally, third, we complete a detailed edit on the remaining images. These are sent to you.


Do you charge any extra fees, like a sitting fee?
We keep things simple here. We know your time is valuable and we know it's difficult to compare all of the wedding and portrait photographer options out there. At Kawaiola, everything is upfront. Our pricing is available on our site. NO HIDDEN FEES. NO SITTING FEES. NO TRAVEL FEES.


Do I get to keep the images? Can I print them?

We give you full copyright privileges, for personal use. Some professional photographers charge this on the back end. A copyright release allows you to get prints made from your digital files. The photographer can charge you for the copyright release or they can make you buy your prints only from them. We'll send you a copyright release by email if you need it. We do not charge extra for this.


Do you charge extra for going some place on Kaua'i?

Some professional photographers charge a fee for going to a location they don't normally visit. Some will charge you a fee for a certain amount of distance. Anything over fifty miles seems reasonable to charge a fee for the extra fuel and time required. We do not charge extra for this.


Do you charge an "editing fee"? 
No. This is a fee that some professional photographers charge for fixing facial blemishes, color correction or any minor Photoshop work. We do not charge extra for minor Photo editing. We will do our utmost in providing professional editing services, included in your photo session fee, for minor editing, such as, an errant strand of hair and blemishes. 

Examples of MINOR or what is considered TYPICAL Photo editing

  • straightening horizons

  • removing blemishes

  • removing distracting elements

  • smoothing skin

  • adjusting color, white balance, brightness and saturation

  • removing one or two strands of hair


MAJOR editing will require an editing fee of $50 per image

Examples of MAJOR editing are:​

  • Cutting or pasting heads or eyes

  • Creating smiles

  • Opening eyes

  • Trimming hair (multiple strands of hair)

  • Rearranging


Do you keep my images somewhere safe in case I lose mine? 
Copies of your wedding and portrait photographs are sent to an off-site, storage facility. This helps to reduce the chances of damage to your images, corruption or accidental deletion. It also gives you a convenient way for you to view your photographs and share them with others. We keep them there for one year after our photos session date, at no charge. We also keep the RAW images on an external hard drive for two years.


Do we get an agreement?
We offer professional Wedding Photography and Family Portrait Photo Session Agreements with details of our commitment to you and your expectations of us, so everyone is "on the same page".


How long will it take?  
Nobody wants to wait months and months for their wedding and portrait photographs. You will never have to wait more than 30 days for your edited photographs. It depends on the time of year. It takes anywhere from a couple weeks, to four weeks. If you need them sooner, just let us know and we'll work on them day and night to get some or all of them within your time-frame.

How and when do I pay my balance?

Your balance will be due on the day of our session. Cash, Venmo (@kposney) or check (Payable to Ken Posney). A deposit can be made, and payments may be split.

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