How it all started...

"My parents had a serious goal of living in Africa. Unfortunately, my father was killed in a car accident when I was twelve. Luckily, we had a small amount of life insurance. With that, my mother decided to take us kids on that trip my parents had planned for so many years. It was good therapy that gave us a chance to grieve as a family, away from everything. So as a child growing up in Los Angeles and Orange County, we were able to travel to Africa, Denmark, Austria, England and Scotland as a teenager, with my identical twin brother, Dan, and older sister, Lisa. Wanna see a photo of my sister, in Scotland, wearing bell-bottom jeans? This trip gave me my initial appreciation for photography.


While living in San Diego, Ken served as a Board Member for the La Jolla Art Society; his black/white photography displayed in several prestigious locations, including the La Jolla Art Society Gallery, the Merrill Lynch Building and the Kyocera Corporation Gallery.


Giving speeches at the local Sierra Club and Masonic Lodge, his work has also been donated to the Del Mar Clinic and auction fundraisers for the Burn Institute and Multiple Sclerosis.

Next stop, Kaua'i

Spending several years in the wireless industry, working for Sony, Kyocera, Cricket Wireless and a Microsoft/Qualcomm startup called Wireless Knowledge, Ken decided to change his life. Selling most everything he had, Ken moved to Kaua'i and turned his part-time photography business into a full-time business. The second year on the island, life was busier on the remote island than he ever had in San Diego, with over 100 weddings each year.


After working as a photographer for the local newspaper, Ken was able to establish strong friendships and explore most parts of the island. After twenty years of photographing hula dancers, a book was created to honor hula and the teachers (kumu) that helped him along my path. 

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