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Ken and "Hau" (husband and wife) are both professional kauai wedding photographers, family portrait photographers, and wedding officiants, passionately dedicated to capturing the very best of your once-in-a-lifetime moments at your favorite Kauai wedding location. Professional photographs help you relive those moments and share them with your friends and family. They are meticulous about providing you with the highest level of service, professionalism, creativity and value. Since 2006, Ken and Haunani have photographed over 500 weddings on Kaua'i.

Ken was born an identical twin, in Los Angeles, California. His twin brother Dan, lives in Sedona, Arizona. While living in San Diego, Ken started something that would eventually bring him to the island of Kaua'i. He started making photographs of hula dancers, along the coast of Southern California near La Jolla, with the help of the hula school, Halau 'O Pualani, in San Diego. Ken served as a Board Member for the La Jolla Art Society and had his black/white photography prominently displayed in several prestigious locations, including the Merrill Lynch Building and the Kyocera Corporation Gallery. Giving speeches at the local Sierra Club and Masonic Lodge, his work has also been donated to the Del Mar Clinic and auction fundraisers for the Burn Institute and Multiple Sclerosis.

In early 2005, Ken decided he would have better opportunities photographing Hula if he moved to Kaua'i. In 2005, he sold everything, gave up the technology career and moved to Kaua'i to work as a full-time photographer. It was a tough first year, working as a restaurant manager, selling appliances at Sears and getting some work as a photographer for the only newspaper on the island. Ken met his wife, Haunani "Hau" Kaiminaauao at the Garden Island Newspaper. Ken and his family live on the south shore, in Koloa.

Hau's full name is Haunani Kapuuwainui Kaiminaauao, which translates to:
(Beautiful mist) (Big Heart) (Seeker of Knowledge). I'm sure she'll be happy to help you pronounce it. Haunani Kaiminaauao was born and raised on the island of Kaua'i. She is of Native Hawaiian ancestry, Chinese and Portuguese. Haunani's ancestors, on her grandfather's side, originate from the "forbidden island" of Ni'ihau. She is the wife of Ken Posney. A mother of four children and daughter to Cynthia and Lambert Kaiminaauao. She loves spending time with her ohana (family), sharing her experience of Aloha, her island home, Kaua'i, living and celebrating life. Ken and Hau have four teenagers, Sepa, Levi, Hali'a and Oli. Sepa is about 19 now, living away from home, on Kaua'i. Levi is in a last year of high school and will be majoring in Hawaiian Studies, Hali'a wants to be a dentist and maybe join the Air Force. Oli is into all kinds of sports and is "undecided". Haunani has lived on Kaua'i for most of her life, living in Anahola (northeast side) and Koloa (south side).

Surfing, Hiking, Canoe Paddling, Martial Arts, Sailing


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We keep things simple here. We know your time is valuable and we know it's difficult to compare all of the photographer options out there. At Kawaiola, everything is upfront. Our pricing is available on our site. NO HIDDEN FEES.


Some photographers charge this on the back end. A copyright release allows you to get prints made from your digital files. The photographer can charge you for the copyright release or they can make you buy your prints only from them. We'll send you a copyright release by email if you need it. We do not charge extra for this.


Some photographers charge a fee for going to a location they don't normally visit. Some will charge you a fee for a certain amount of distance. Anything over fifty miles seems reasonable to charge a fee for the extra fuel and time required. We do not charge extra for this.


This is a fee that some photographers charge for fixing facial blemishes, color correction or any minor Photoshop work. Any edits requiring cutting/pasting heads or eyes, trimming hair (full head) will require an editing fee. We do not charge extra for minor Photoshopping. We do charge for any cutting/pasting of heads, eyes, smiles and/or rearranging.


Some photographers charge an additional fee for your CD or DVD. We do not charge extra for this.


This is a charge to increase the size of your prints in your album. We offer only digital prints. No need to worry about this fee. We do not charge extra for this.


Nobody wants to wait months and months for their wedding and portrait photographs. You will never have to wait more than 60 days for your edited photographs. If you need them sooner, just let us know and we'll work on them day and night to get some or all of them within your timeframe.


Copies of your wedding and portrait photographs are sent to an off-site, storage facility. This helps to reduce the chances of damage to your images, corruption or accidental deletion. It also gives you a convenient way for you to view your photographs and share them with others. We keep them there for as long as you need them, at no charge.


We offer convenient credit card payments on all of our services and products. We accept VISA, Mastercard and cash. Substantial discounts offered for cash payments.


We offer professional Wedding Photography and Family Portrait Photo Session Agreements with details of our commitment to you and your expectations of us, so everyone is "on the same page".


The time for that warm Kaua'i light, for Kauai weddings and family portraits, is about an hour before sunset. Some of the best images are made looking away from the sun, using the sun as a natural, warming reflector. This tends to soften the face, slows the time down, creating an emotional image. For sunset times, visit this site: SUNSET TIMES FOR HAWAII


This really depends on you. We have kauai beaches that take twenty minutes to an hour on bumpy dirt roads you may not have experienced before. We have hikes to secluded waterfalls many local residents have never seen. We have locations that are in-between. Finally, we have convenient locations that help to ensure the wedding party and guests arrive rested and on-time. Be prepared, Kaua'i is not palm trees and grass shacks on the beach. Most of the palm trees you see on the beach, on Kaua'i, are at the resorts. Our beaches are dramatic cliffs, pounding surf and Ironwood trees. For some of our favorite locations, visit our locations page.


Step off the plane and feel the warm embrace of Kauai with average yearly temperatures ranging between 84 and 69 degrees. Ocean temperatures are also perfect ranging from 71 to 81 degrees year round.

Kauai offers seven distinct microclimates, from lush interior spots to arid areas on the West Side. Mount Waialeale (elevation 5,148 ft) is at the heart of Kauai's uninhabited interior and is a quintessential rainforest with over 400-inches of rain per year. The rain that falls around Mt. Waialeale generally does not affect the coastal parts of the island, which get far less rain than the central spots (as little as 18-inches a year in western areas). Much of Kauai's rainfall is a nightly occurrence, and the rain showers that do occur are almost always brief. When you do see rain, wait for the beautiful rainbows that follow.

The trade winds in Kauai also keep things cool for visitors. The winds are generally light and help chase away much of Hawaii’s humidity. With such great weather, any time of year is a good time to visit Kauai. - Kauai Visitors Bureau 10 DAY WEATHER FORECAST


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home hula kauai favorites locations pricing reviews